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New ‘Hangover’ installment is predictable, has its moments

Between the identical beginning and end of ‘Hangover Part 2’ that were the same as the first movie installment, the ‘Part 2’ had its moments of great laughter, as did the first movie. The two best characters in this movie are a drug dealing monkey that wears a biker jean jacket, and Chow, the “international … Continue reading

Movie about John Lennon’s adolescence delivers intimate look at rocker’s confused upbringing

When the movie ended 1:30 into the it, I was caught off guard because I expected more from a seemingly Beatles film, like the anthology about the legendary band that I hold as a Bible in my life. However, ‘Nowhere Boy’ is much more than just a Beatles movie, it is a light into the … Continue reading

‘Salt’ delivers fast-paced action movie, short for its genre

Angelina Jolie stars in ‘Salt’, a fast-paced action movie about a manufactured Russian spy, who lives as a CIA agent in the United States. This movie review might be coming a little late for the movies release date a long time ago, but it’s necessary. Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, who becomes a Russian spy by … Continue reading

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