Before my brother bought me a one-year subscription to ESPN.com Insider for Christmas one year ago, December 2009, I was as frustrated as the next guy about the fact that the only thing my draft-obsessed self could see in NBA and NFL mock drafts were the first five picks.

As you may have already predicted, my subscription came and went, and when I had it I was living large, but as I came to realize after it stopped was I was again the frustrated sports nerd I used to be.

The NBA draft has been one of my biggest passions since I began thinking about it a long time ago, and it became a huge hit on my first WordPress blog, Fifth & Inches, last summer when the majority of my posts were about the NBA draft. I loved it.

As any draft nerd, I enjoy guessing; however, I dislike not knowing what the experts think. So this blog idea came to fruition based on my great success during my two-month stint of draft blogging last summer, as well as my frustration with ESPN.com and my desire to serve the common sports reader.

The common sports reader just wants to know who his beloved (insert name of NBA or NFL team here) is going to take in the next draft. The sports’ drafts are one of most exciting days, or weekends in each year of sports because we love youngsters in this country – we love stars, especially rising ones.

Most readers can form their own guesses as to who they expect their favorite team to draft, based on what the ESPN experts say. Well, I’m here to tell you that I don’t need the experts. I can form my owns opinions, based off of the same things the experts think about, to form my own mock drafts, analyses, breakdowns, and other things.

Here is a promise to deliver you full text, all 30+ picks (or however many teams are in the league you follow). You can read it all here, and you wont need the ESPN experts’ opinions because mine should prove to be enough – and I’ll be giving you all of the information you need.

A big chunk of my passion for the drafts in sports came from all of the times I used to buy a sports game (for Playstation) and simulate the “Franchise Mode” until I could get to the offseason to draft. This includes games like every Madden since they began exporting classes from NCAA Football games. It also includes every NBA game known to have a draft capability in the game (as most games do now), and even MLB The Show 10.

So I plan on bringing you video games with this blog, too. I want to review sports video games for you. Trust me, I play a lot of them. Again, I’m just like the next guy. I have to buy the newest year’s game – such as NCAA Football 11 – because of the new features; yet my parents ask me, why do you need it? What’s so different?

Oh my, mom and dad, everything is different! Notre Dame has a whole new team! – That’s what I say.

I also have a big-time passion for movies, and I have always wanted to put my opinions of movies into a blog. So I thought if I am reviewing video games with this blog, why not kill two birds with one stone? So you can catch movie reviews here; and I do much more than just sports movies!

Along with all of this, you’re going to get my famed “Inside N’ Out” blogs that are previews of seasons, teams, players, etc. You can find the bulk of these blogs back on my Fifth & Inches blog (which, I will still update constantly while maintaining this blog – don’t leave a good thing).

You’re going to get it all here, so don’t go anywhere – and keep coming back. Comment. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. Call me on my mistakes – my wrong predictions on everything from the third pick in the NBA draft, to the Detroit Red Wings’ finish in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I look forward to hearing from you.


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