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New ‘Hangover’ installment is predictable, has its moments

Between the identical beginning and end of ‘Hangover Part 2’ that were the same as the first movie installment, the ‘Part 2’ had its moments of great laughter, as did the first movie.

The two best characters in this movie are a drug dealing monkey that wears a biker jean jacket, and Chow, the “international criminal” from the first movie. Chow, who was the essential enemy in the first movie, is now a friend in ‘Part 2’ because Alan has kept in contact with him over the past months between weddings.

In this movie, Stu is getting married to an asian woman named Lauren, played by Jamie Chung. Lauren’s father hates Stu – thinks he’s an unimportant human being. This is one of the opposites from the first movie. Doug is still married to the woman he got married to in the first movie. In the first movie, Doug’s future father-in-law liked him. In ‘Part 2’, Stu struggles with trying to internalize his realization that Lauren’s father hates him.

On the other hand, Lauren’s father loves his son – more like cherishes him. His son is a Stanford student, who is only 16 years old – he’s a cello playing genius. Teddy is played by Mason Lee. Teddy is the person in this movie who goes missing.

So the premiss is this: The guys go to Bangkok for Stu’s bachelor party; however, Stu has learned his lesson. He doesn’t want a bachelor party – he wants a little get-together at IHOP. Phil, played by Bradley Cooper, doesn’t accept that. He talks Stu into partying in Bangkok. Bangkok is overly played in the movie as the so-called most dangerous, craziest place in the world. The thing that is different about Part 2 is that there is no apparent cause of their black out, until we find out later that it was Alan once again. The bachelor party starts out small – they’ve all grown a little older, more mature, and are OK with roasting ‘mallows at the beach. That’s not how it turns out. Teddy is lost and it’s up to Stu, Phil, and Chow, who they met at some point in the night.

Again, Doug plays a minor role in the movie, which totally disappointed me. I wanted to see what he was made of. Apparently he wasn’t much of a character, through and through. Doug leaves the party in this movie because his now-pregnant wife doesn’t feel well, so he goes to care for her.

The moments of gut wrenching laughter in the movie are further apart then they were in the first movie. The best part comes when Chow, who is a serious criminal in Bangkok – well-known – shows the guys the monkey. The monkey is a drug mule. He delivers the drugs by the sound of a car horn, gets the money and delivers it to the drug lords sitting at a cafe. This scene alone is one of the best in the movie, as it resembles a much funnier scene from Fast and Furious, as a car chase ensues.

While this is the best scene, there are also some other good ones. However, I walked away from this disappointed that the sequences they were involved in were not as elaborate as the ones in the first movie. In the first movie, there was the drive to Vegas, waking up to a Tiger, stealing a police car, getting arrested, having a naked man in your trunk, getting shot at, getting eloped, meeting Mike Tyson, and everything else. The second movie doesn’t match that.

A tiger is a monkey in ‘Part 2’. Not much else can be compared. Mike Tyson, however, makes an appearance in the movie at the end.

Overall, ‘Hangover Part 2’ had its moments; however, it’s look-a-like storyline from beginning to end seems unimpressive on a creative standpoint.

Buy it/Rent it? If you own the first Hangover, buy his one. If you don't, rent this.


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