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Three for the show: Why scouts like Irving, Williams, Kanter the most

This year’s NBA draft is unique in that two of the presumed top three players available to be picked didn’t play a full season, or at all, this past basketball season. So why do NBA scouts like Kyrie Irving and Enes Kanter so much? That’s a great debate.

For me, Derrick Williams, the No. 1 prospect on my Blue Chips big board, is far and away the top talent in this draft. Williams played a full season at Arizona, and showed off all that he offers in the NCAA tournament. I don’t have questions about him. But, let’s get back to the great debate: Why Irving and Kanter?

You can presume that these two players at at the top of most big boards because they are true to their position. This draft is slim in a couple of areas: there aren’t many true-to-one-position players, for example Derrick Williams is in between a small forward and and power forward position. Also, this draft is slim with talent, to be quite honest.

The fact that this draft is short in talent is beneficial for Irving and Kanter because they are presumed to be great talents, but haven’t shown it this season.

That’s what swayed me from rating them so highly in my Blue Chips big board.

But both guys are indeed true to one position. First, Kanter is the center that everyone wants because he is a true inside player. Kanter has shown the ability to bang with other centers in the league. The great thing about him is that he has good feet, good hands, and a good feel for the paint. He’s like DeMarcus Cousins last season because both guys were true centers because they played inside.

Second, Irving is true to the point guard position. He’s not a flashy point guard, but he is an intangible point guard. People think he’s a safe pick. People think he’ll be the one player to be an All-Star in this draft, although I adamantly disagree.

Being such a slim draft has been beneficial for both players, but I still have Derrick Williams as my number one player.


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